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Update for 3rd Year Parents and Students

Update for 3rd Year Parents and Students

Dear Parents/ Guardians of 3rd Years,

Just to advise that all Principals in GRETB will be discussing the Statement by the Minister of Education tomorrow and I will, after this, be discussing the issue with our school management team.

What we have learned today from the Minister is: (a) Students will receive two Certificates: One from the State ‘A Certificate of Completion’ for all 3rd Year students stating subjects and levels studied for past 3 years. (b) There will also be a school Certificate called the Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement. This document has been a part of the new Junior Cert for the past few years. It includes classroom based Assessments (CBA’s)/ Other Areas of Learning and also the State Exams Grades.  As there is no State Exams this year the Department today have allowed schools the freedom to come up with their own ways to award these grades in May and not September.  Schools, therefore, may grade students by either exams/ assessments/ assignments/ looking at previous results/ mocks etc. or a combination of things. It is up to the school management to decide a fair and reasonable way to award these grades and will be informed, to some degree as well, by recent surveys and so on.

We will inform all parents and students the approach that will be taken on Thursday evening or early Friday morning. Until then, I would advise all 3rd Year students to continue to study hard.

It has been a very difficult time for you as parents and for your children.  Thankfully now we have a way forward and I am delighted they are all receiving a JC Certificate from the State. That is very important.

Best Wishes,

John Cleary.