Yellow Flag

Information on The Yellow Flag

yellow Flag.jpgMerlin College has been awarded and received its first Yellow Flag. The Yellow Flag was awarded to Marina Medina (Diversity Committee Member) in recognition of the work complete by the diversity committee in Merlin College to be inclusive of all cultures and ethnicities, celebrate diversity and challenge racism and discrimination.

Eight Steps to Complete to achieve the Yellow Flag

Step 1 – Getting Started

Step 2 – The Diversity Committee

Step 3 – Equality and Diversity Training

Step 4 – The Intercultural Review

Step 5 – The Action Plan

Step 6 – Going Beyond the School Walls

Step 7 – Classroom Work

Step 8 – Diversity Code & Policy Review

Assessment for the Yellow Flag Award

Renewing Our Yellow Flag

Diversity Committee

The diversity committee consists of:

· Students from each year group are on the diversity committee. There are students from Poland, Spain, Ireland, Irish Traveller Community, Africa and Lithuania. There are also representatives from the Development Education group and the Student Council.

· Community representative from the ITM.

· Parents from students in first year and third year.

· Two link teachers.

Diversity Code

Students from the Diversity Committee created a diversity code (song) for Merlin College, which is displayed in every classroom.


Everybody in Merlin College is so happy

because of the diversity

and if you ever forget about what you

really mean just turn to your culture to guide you

find out what you’re made off and see we

are one great big family.


We have equality in this community and

we’ll be there

and everyone will be respected

we will raise the flag and fulfil the plan in our school

Don’t ever doubt the master plan in Merlin.

Anti-racism Policy

Anti-racism policy was drafted and ratified by the Board of Management. See policy in Policies section.

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