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Coláiste Mhuirlinne/ Merlin College began in August 2013 to serve the children of Doughiska, an area in east Galway City, which in 2002 had 200 residents but now has a population of nearly 9,000. This rapid development stemmed mainly from an influx of foreign nationals who came to Galway looking for work opportunities during the Celtic Tiger era.

Although the recession hit Galway in 2008 the population has remained somewhat settled as many families do not want to uproot their children from school and their friends etc. although there is a constant flow of people and families coming to and from, year on year, and the school at times can seem somewhat transient.

As there is such a diverse population in Doughiska, (The most diverse, multi- cultural place in Ireland according to recent studies by NUIG) it is no surprise that this is reflected in our school’s population, whereby, students come from all over the world. At our last European Languages Day within September 2019 we discovered that 41 different languages were spoken or heard by the students when they went home and that 25% of students are in non- English speaking homes.


In September 2020, the school will have a population of 670 students. (The school was built for 650 students) The first cohort of 1st years was small with only 62 students but that has nearly doubled year on year with very rapid increases. Enrollment for 2020 saw nearly 200 students apply for our 120 places. We have applied to extend the school with the Department of Education so as to cater for demand.

Prospective students and parents are advised to apply early when our enrollment process begins in early October as there will be no chance of a place if correct application procedures aren't followed or are not on time.

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Mr. Mark Hayes, who passed away yesterday, Thursday 23rd February after a long illness.
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