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Consultation Re: New school extension application.

Consultation Re: New school extension application.

1st Year 2019/20: Consultation with Board of Management, GRETB and the Department of Education to look for the sanctioning of a new school extension.

I am delighted to announce that parents and guardians were sent the last offers for 1st Year places yesterday meaning that all places will be filled. Therefore, 120 students will have been offered and accepted their place for 2019/20. Unfortunately, between now and the Summer based on previous years applications (usually late) about 40-50 students approx. will not receive a place. We wish all of those students the best wherever they go.

However, due to an unprecedented surge in popularity and the school being at full capacity in 2019/20 with 650 students approx. big decisions will have to be made as we want to always ensure the building is a warm and comfortable environment for all learners and not overwhelmed and packed.

Therefore, decisions will have to be made shortly regarding the schools numbers and overall vision keeping in mind the buildings capacity to accommodate students. It is likely that in future years if it is not decided or permitted to get a building extension the Board may have to curtail and possibly even reduce numbers so that a perfect environment for learning is not compromised.

If it is approved by GRETB and decided by the Department of Education to extend the building, when they look at our enrollment figures and the ever increasing demand from parents to send their children to Merlin College and the dramatically increasing demographics from CSO figures, the school should be able to accommodate between 850-1000 students. This would mean we would be able to meet most of the demand of parents and could take roughly 170 students per year. (A figure we could take now if we had the space and that is even before the surge in population increases as is predicted in CSO figures from next year on wards).

A new extension may or may not happen. I send this only to reassure you that the BOM and GRETB and school management understand the apprehension and fears parents have in wishing to enroll their child and getting a place into a 2nd level school, especially when demand grows at an unprecedented level, and will do everything to provide an appropriate and excellent education to the children in the locality.

School Management would especially like to thank all of the parents and guardians that have sent their child(ren) to Merlin College and for believing in us. Your belief has now lead us to this ‘good’ problem of over- subscription but hopefully with time most children who apply will get a chance to share in the experience of being a Merlin Student.

John Cleary.