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A Video farewell from our Teachers to LC 2020

Leaving Cert Teachers 2020.

Student Portal for LC Students

Letter to Students re Calculated Grades Student PortalCalculated Grades Student Portal – Before You Start Guide (1)

Merlin Students on RTE News Today Discussing Leaving Cert

Merlin Students on RTE News Discussing LC

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Draft Admissions Policy

Draft Merlin College Admission Policy 2020

Dear Parents/ Guardians and Students,

Please read our Draft Admissions Policy above. Any comments or observations please send to john.cleary@gretb.ie

Leaving Cert Student Ian McDonagh – A Frontline Hero


Leaving Certificate Statement From Department of Education

01 May, 2020 – Department of Education and Skills’ statement on stakeholder engagement in relation to the State Examinations

The Department of Education and Skills today (Friday 1 May 2020) hosted a fifth meeting with a range of stakeholders as part of planning in relation to the State Examinations during the Covid-19 response.

The advisory group of stakeholders includes representatives of students, parents, teachers, school leadership and management bodies, the State Examinations Commission, the National Educational Psychological Service, the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment and the Department.

The Higher Education Authority attends meetings in an observer capacity, to assist feeding back to consultations it is involved with across the third level sector

The advisory group continued discussions on the practicalities of holding the Leaving Certificate examinations given the constraints of social distancing and other requirements that may be necessary on foot of public health advice.

This followed discussions on the challenges involved in providing two weeks of schooling prior to the running of the Leaving Certificate examination.

The group agreed to meet again to continue its discussions on Wednesday next, 6 May.

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh T.D. said: “I want to thank all the members of the group for their continued efforts in helping to formulate plans in relation to this year’s examinations.

“The stakeholders’ advice was a great assistance in informing the decision on revised arrangements for the Junior Cycle earlier this week. I look forward to the group continuing its work.”

Update for 3rd Year Parents and Students

Dear Parents/ Guardians of 3rd Years,

Just to advise that all Principals in GRETB will be discussing the Statement by the Minister of Education tomorrow and I will, after this, be discussing the issue with our school management team.

What we have learned today from the Minister is: (a) Students will receive two Certificates: One from the State ‘A Certificate of Completion’ for all 3rd Year students stating subjects and levels studied for past 3 years. (b) There will also be a school Certificate called the Junior Certificate Profile of Achievement. This document has been a part of the new Junior Cert for the past few years. It includes classroom based Assessments (CBA’s)/ Other Areas of Learning and also the State Exams Grades.  As there is no State Exams this year the Department today have allowed schools the freedom to come up with their own ways to award these grades in May and not September.  Schools, therefore, may grade students by either exams/ assessments/ assignments/ looking at previous results/ mocks etc. or a combination of things. It is up to the school management to decide a fair and reasonable way to award these grades and will be informed, to some degree as well, by recent surveys and so on.

We will inform all parents and students the approach that will be taken on Thursday evening or early Friday morning. Until then, I would advise all 3rd Year students to continue to study hard.

It has been a very difficult time for you as parents and for your children.  Thankfully now we have a way forward and I am delighted they are all receiving a JC Certificate from the State. That is very important.

Best Wishes,

John Cleary.

Ministers Announcement re: Junior Cert

29 April, 2020 – Minister McHugh announces revised arrangements for Junior Cycle 2020

–          All third year Junior Cycle students to be awarded certificates for the completion of Junior Cycle by the Department of Education and Skills

–          Schools given autonomy to assess students and all students to receive a report on achievement 

–          Adult learners to be given opportunity to take final Junior Cycle examinations in autumn

The Minister for Education and Skills Joe McHugh TD has today (Wednesday 29 April 2020) announced revised arrangements for this year’s Junior Cycle.

The decision was taken following recommendations from an advisory group of stakeholders as part of planning for the State Examinations in response to the Covid-19 public health measures and the decision that the Junior Cycle State Examinations will not run this year.

Minister McHugh attended the meeting of the advisory group and thanked the members for their work.

“In this difficult time for students I have listened to the very strongly-held and well-articulated views of students, parents and other stakeholders,” Minister McHugh said.

“This decision has been made with the health and wellbeing of students, parents and teachers at the forefront of our thinking.

“It gives students and their families more clarity and certainty. It also gives schools freedom to decide how best to assess the progress of students following three years of hard work and learning.”

Under the revised arrangements and in light of the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the work and achievement of third year Junior Cycle students will be recognised with a state certificate from the Department of Education and Skills.

As soon as possible after the end of the current school year, students will receive a written school report on their learning achievements in each subject, short course and/or priority learning unit

Schools are also being given autonomy to decide whether to run school-based assessments and what form they take. Options to consider include school-designed examinations, tasks, projects, assignments, essay style questions, presentations, or other tasks agreed at a local level. Guidance for schools on reporting to students and parents, developed with the advice of the advisory group of stakeholders, will be published by the Department.

The State Examinations Commission is also being asked to put in place specific arrangements for adult learners to give them an opportunity to take final Junior Cycle examinations for which they are entered in autumn 2020.


Notes for Editors

For info on the advisory group see here

Further advice in relation to assessment options for schools will be issued by the Department.

Certificate of Completion

This will issue from the Department early in the next school year. It will provide each student with a certificate confirming completion of the Junior Cycle programme of study, including the list of subjects, short courses and/or priority learning units studied and the level at which the subject was studied.

Adult Learners      

The SEC will put in place specific arrangements for adult learners who are studying a subject or subjects at Junior Cycle level within one academic year.

The specific dates of the examinations in autumn 2020 will be determined as soon as possible.

These examinations will only be available to students who meet the specific qualifying criteria