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Remote e-learning

Updated Remote Learning Policy

Tutorial for Students using Microsoft Teams

A comprehensive video tutorial for students on completing assignments, uploading assignments, using office lens and joining online meetings/classes
Thanks to Ms. Kelly for putting together for us.

Very Important: HSE Social Distancing Video

Free access to e-books!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Study and the Corona Virus

Dear Parent/ Guardian/Student/Teacher,


I hope this email finds you well during these unprecedented times.  Further to the Government’s decision to close schools to support efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, I am writing to advise you of school continuity measures taken to date by Merlin College.


  • Wednesday 11-03-2020
    • We advised all students to empty all of their personal belongings from the school.
  • Thursday 12-03-2020
    • We reissued/confirmed all students had their log in details.
    • Teachers issued revision guidelines to support students’ continued engagement with the curriculum during the closure.
    • The school closed following a directive issued by the Department of Education and Skills (DoES).
  • Monday 29-03-2020
    • Provisional return date to school.
      • If the DoES confirms we can open I am inviting students to bring a small hand towel, soap and hand sanitizer in a plastic zip-lock bag.  The school was struggling to source new dispensers and hand sanitizer prior to our closure as the HSE had understandable priority.
      • In the interim, the school will continue with actions to prepare for our return to the campus.
      • The following guidance is to support students as they prepare for their summer/state examinations.
    • The State Examinations Commission(SEC) will circulate guidance on contingency arrangements if they are required.
      • The school will communicate any such arrangements through normal channels such as SMS, student emails and social media.(Our website is currently being worked on as there has been problems with it- but please check here also)
      • If the practicals and orals are postponed for our students, it is essential to note they will be delayed for all students across the country. Please check for accurate updates on the SEC website.
      • In the interim, Leaving Cert students must prepare for the orals/practicals as if they are going to proceed as planned.
    • Examination Years
      • Our teachers will endeavour to support you as a matter of priority through blended learning (online support & work assigned to you before closure).
      • Generally speaking, online classes will be created via Microsoft Teamson existing class structures within the school.  Your current school timetable provides you with an excellent structure to organise your day. If parents could encourage their daughter(s)/son(s) to submit assigned work, we would be most grateful. Please urge them to do so within agreed timeframes.
      • Other online supports available:
      • Non-Examination Years
        • Over time as teachers build their capacity for online engagement, they will issue guidance to students in non-exam years to support their ongoing engagement with the curriculum in due course.
        • Parents are encouraged to get their son(s) or daughter(s) to organise and create a bank of flashcards, mind maps and other suitable study aids.
      • Wellbeing
        • We would encourage you to stay in contact with your friends.  Peer learning is one of the most effective methods to support curriculum engagement.  Use technology sensiblyto connect and learn together.
        • Breaks, exercise and healthy diets are crucial to staying healthy.
      • ICT Support
        • Mr David Dempsey our IT T&L coordinator has being providing support to all our teachers in the area of ICT and Microsoft Office
      • Subject Choice for 2020-2021
        • Our Guidance Department is currently developing digital resources to support subject choice.  We will issue a communication to relevant students once it is ready for distribution.
        • In the interim, students and parents have access to Careers Portalto support the students’ career inquiries.






  • All years – General study guidance
Timetable subject Learning Activity Preparing for assessment Assessment

at the end of the week

History – Pick a topic in your textbook Make notes/mindmaps/flashcards on the topic under review Use irevise/studyclix to identify questions from past papers and prepare answers and notes Use studyclix to create exam questions to test themselves.


Other online supports are available here:

This is an unprecedented situation, and the school community is conscious that in these difficult times, we will come together to find solutions. We always work in the best interest of our students. It is an unusual time for us all, and we need to work together to delay and limit the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.  We encourage parents to emphasise the importance of social distancing to all in their care, so we as a nation can protect the most vulnerable in our communities.

I also want to acknowledge that many of our students might find the uncertainty of the forthcoming weeks quite unsettling.  I want to take this opportunity to reassure parents and students alike that the SEC and DoES have always made decisions which are student-centred and mindful of the immediate environment.   We have no control over what decisions the state agencies make; we do, however, have control over what actions we can take. So please remain focused on your study schedules and your preparations for the state examinations.


Finally, I would like to thank our staff for their assistance and proactive actions to support your daughter(s) and son(s).  The staff and your daughter(s)/son(s) are a credit to our school community.

If you wish to contact me, I am available at john.cleary@gretb.ie. Unfortunately, due to HSE guidelines I will not be in a position to have any meetings with Parents/ Guardians We will make every effort to respond to your query promptly and support you in any way we can.


Yours sincerely,


John Cleary



1st Round Offers 2020/21

Closing date to accept 1st Round Offer into 1st Year 2020/21 ended today 21st November, 2019.

School Administration will look tomorrow to see how many of the 120 Offers were accepted. If any places were not taken up they will be offered to people on our waiting list next Monday 25th November, 2019.

Due to the large amount of people applying the school will not be able to accommodate people who were offered a place in the 1st Round but did not return their ‘offer of acceptance’ form on time.  They will be removed from the list. If they wish to be considered again they will have to re-apply and will be put at the bottom of the waiting list.

Deadline for 1st Year Applications 2020/21

Reminder that Deadline for 1st Year Applications is this Monday 21st October, 2019.

Offers of acceptance will be sent out on Wednesday the 6th November after a draw takes place due to the high numbers who have applied.

Friendship/ Anti- Bullying

All students in Merlin College will be getting a talk next week 23rd September for friendship/anti-bullying week with Helena Murphy. Helena Murphy is a Doctoral Researcher with the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, DCU. We are really looking forward to her talk.

Former 6th Years Return to talk to 1st Years on how they got the points for College

In the next few weeks we will be inviting our recent Leaving Cert Graduates to talk with 1st Years and 5th Years about how they managed to be successful at their Leaving Cert. How did they study, eat, sleep to achieve their points and their goals? What is the secret to their success and what do they recommend students should be doing now, no matter what year to gear up for success.

We look forward to seeing them again and sharing in their success!