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Merlin ‘The Wizards’

Merlin ‘The Wizards’.
After consultation with the Student Council and staff it was decided that ‘Merlin The Wizard’ would be our school mascot. Merlin will mainly be our mascot for sports and a logo will be put on all of our sports gear. At the moment we are having a competition to design the logo of Merlin The Wizard and would ask that you encourage your child to enter. ‘The Wizards’ can be written into it also.
The Wizards ultimate ambition is to take over Galway, Ireland and the World!
Closing Date Monday 5th November.


Transfer Students 2019/20: Important Notice

Important Notice re: 2nd, TY and 5th Year Transfers from other schools for 2019/20. (3rd and 6th may be considered on an individual basis)

As you may know we allowed a number of students to Transfer from other schools in September after we advertised a few vacancies that had become available due mainly to emigration. However, some parents contacted us to say that if they had known earlier (they had now bought new books/ uniforms etc. for the school their child was currently in) they would have looked to transfer to Merlin College.

Naturally we do not know if places will become available in any given year for 2nd Year, TY or 5th Year. However, what I intend to do this year is interview students now who wish to Transfer to Merlin College for 2019/20 and put them on a waiting list. If places do become available in these year groups (and there is usually some places due to migration/ emigration mainly) we will then be able to let you know before the summer hopefully so as to prevent you from buying new books/ uniforms etc. for your current school.

Therefore, if you do hope to Transfer your child to Merlin College for next year please apply now. Naturally, a first come first, first serve policy will apply.

Please note that TY is mandatory in Merlin College. I know that some people, especially from other countries have reservations about TY or do not really understand it or why Merlin College think it is so important. If you want to talk to me or our new TY Coordinator at any time about Transition Year we will be glad to discuss it.
The simple reason is if you look at the statistics of those students that do TY from those who don’t you will see they do much better- getting higher points in their Leaving Cert and not dropping out of College in 1st Year.

We want to be the best school in Galway and we know mandatory TY is going to help us get there.

Best of luck and again we will let you know after you apply once any vacancy becomes available. In 2019 we as a school are going to be full.

Make sure Merlin College is full with your child in it!

John Cleary,


David Coleman Child Psychologist 7th November

Exciting News! David Coleman Child Psychologist is coming to Merlin College on Wednesday 7th November @7pm. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to hear his ideas on how best we can respond to children. He gives common sense advice and guidance that everyone can understand. Every parent will leave with practical advice. Please attend.

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Transition Year Evening for Current TY Parents

Transition Year Parents Evening for current TY parents next Tuesday 23rd October @ 7pm. Mr. Eoghan O’ Connor is the new Transition Year Coordinator and he looks forward to meeting you all on the night. From 6.30pm tea/coffee will be available.


Offer of Acceptance Round 1: Final Reminder.

Offer of Acceptance Round 1 DEADLINE
Just a message to remind parents/ guardians that all offers of acceptance into 1st Year must be returned to the school tomorrow 17th October by 4pm. It will be considered that you have not accepted the offer after this time. Your child’s place will then be offered by post to those parents/ children on the waiting list on Thursday morning first thing in ROUND 2.
The school can take no responsibility for offers being returned late. As there is such a demand for places the school will be in no position to change the outcome of a late acceptance letter. (which is that the child unfortunately will have to find a place in another school).
Parents also who already have a child or children in the school but who returned their application forms for a place late or who have returned an offer of acceptance late will not receive a place for their child. The school did everything it could to advise all parents/ guardians of this eventuality for many weeks.
John Cleary,

1st Round Offers Posted Today 9th October, 2018

1st round Offers posted today.

Best of Luck to all parents who hope to enroll their child for September 2019/20.

2nd Round Offers (Only if all places aren’t taken or accepted) Next Wednesday 17th October, 2018.


John Cleary,



1st Year Offers 2019/20

Important Notice RE: Offers to 1st Year 2019/20

A special thanks to all the parents/ guardians who attended our Open Night on Monday Night. It was great to see so many people come to our school. I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

1st Round Offers: will be posted out next Tuesday 9th October.
Acceptance letters and proper documentation must be returned by Wednesday 17th October.

2nd Round: will be posted out Thursday 18th October. However, we will only have a 2nd round if people do not return their acceptance letters by the 17th. Places and offers will be based on those numbers who do not accept the first round offer or do not return it on time.(as stated above- Therefore, it is essential that you return your offer of acceptance on time. The school cannot be responsible for late returns as it will be offered to somebody else on the 18th October).

Unfortunately, there is not enough places this year to meet demand. Therefore, Merlin College would also like to advise you, especially if you are not from Galway and new to the area that places may be available in the following city schools:

1. Galway Community College
2. Calascantius, Oranmore.
3.Our Lady’s College (girls)
4. St. Marys (Boys)
5. St. Joseph’s (The Bish)
6. Taylor’s Hill, (girls)
7. St. Enda’s
8.Salerno (girls)
9. Coláiste na Coiribe (medium of Irish)
10.Coláiste Iognáid (the Jes)

Best of Luck to you all!
John Cleary,


Open Night Success

A special thanks to all the parents/ guardians who attended our Open Night on Monday Night. It was great to see so many people come to our school. I hope you enjoyed the experience as much as we did!

Pictured Ms Claire Cunningham Chemistry teacher with her students on Open Night.


Great write up on Galway Advertiser!

Delighted to have received such a wonderful article from ‘The Galway Advertiser’ this week! The Article is available to read on our Facebook page:  Facebook/merlincollege.  The school is delighted and honoured to have such lovely students and an amazing staff. Onward and upwards as we head into our next 6 year cycle!


Friendship Week/ Anti- Bullying Programme 2018/19

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Drama ran by MB & MOS, Cáirde

Period 1-4

p.1&2 1A&1B

P.3&4 1C&1D

Poster Competition  – Time to be blocked off for teachers by SF Lesson on anti-bullying/friendship to be given in SPHE classes throughout the week. Teachers provided with powerpoint and resources. DON Post it notes placed on their lockers with a positive message about friendship/anti-bullying. DON

Anti Bullying Poetry Competition – to be done in English class KC

  Drama ran by MB & MOS, Cáirde

Period 1 – 4

Friendship Bracelets to be made in Period 1 with power point.


Drama By theatre Company organised by MB
  Anti-bullying Slogan Competition to be done in all English/ART classes this week.

Winning Pins to be organised by  MS

PowerPoint to be delivered regarding Anti Bullying and Well-being  delivered by MS Post it notes on lockers with a positive message about friendship/anti-bullying. DON
  Period 4 – students sitting face to face to have a 3 minute chat. Inside circle move one space left each time. Cues put up on wall.

Ran by MS and subject Teachers

PowerPoint to be delivered regarding Anti Bullying and Well-being  delivered by SF
  Paper Bag – Good Memory, phrase, positive comment

Wall of SF08 – all week

MS and MB

PowerPoint to be delivered regarding Anti Bullying and Well-being  delivered by SF Paper Bag filled with good memories given to each 6th year

MS , MB and AMC

  PowerPoint to be delivered regarding Anti Bullying and Well-being  delivered by SF
        Feel good Friday

Nice message to staff post-it organised by GF and DON

Bring a bowl –breakfast or lunch

Posters and information to be done by TW