Parenting Programmes

Parenting Programmes

Parents Plus Adolescents Programme

The Parents Plus Adolescents programme is a practical and positive evidence-based parenting course designed to support and empower parents to manage and solve behaviour problems, to create satisfying and enjoyable family relationships and assist young people to grow up to reach their full potential.

It is suitable for parents of adolescents, including those with additional needs, such as ADHD.

It is a safe, enjoyable and relaxed space for parents to share their ideas and knowledge of what works best with their teenagers at home and also what challenges parents they are presented with when parenting teenagers.

Some topics discussed include:

· Manage and resolve conflict

· Build self-esteem and confidence

· Create warm connected relationships

· Positively discipline their adolescent

· Negotiate rules and boundaries

· Solve problems together

· Communicate positively and effectively

· Reduce their own stress as parents

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Open Night Monday Oct 2nd 2023
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