Evening Study

Evening Study

Evening Study

Merlin College will once again be offering After School Study facilities for the forthcoming academic year. This facility will provide students with an opportunity to develop a structured approach to their studies in preparation for their state and school examinations.

  • After school study will take place Monday to Thursday from 3.50pm–5.50pm.
  • Students should be in the study room from 3.50pm onwards with silent study commencing at 4pm sharp.
  • Priority is given to examination years (6th & 3rd) but remaining places are open to other students.
  • Only students who have paid the study fee may attend after school study.
  • A register of students will be taken each day and a ‘study’ stamp given to each student in their journal on the relevant day. This allows parents/guardians to monitor the students’ daily attendance at supervised study.

Supervised Study with be supervised by a member of staff who will ensure that the following procedures are followed:

· Students are to be seated in their assigned seat, in full school uniform, with all books and equipment required, ready to start silent study at 4pm sharp.

· Students are expected to bring all books/texts/materials to study and to avoid borrowing or moving around to get books from other students or going out to lockers.

· No talking/ communicating for the duration of study.

· No sweets, drinks, food or chewing gum allowed.

· Students who persistently misbehave or are repeatedly arrive late to study will be reported to the Deputy Principal and may forfeit their place at study. Fee is nonrefundable.

· Students may only leave study early with a note from a parent/guardian. This note should be presented to supervisors before study begins. (Exit times with note: 4.30, 5pm, 5.30)

· Students are not permitted to leave the study room until all tables have been put back in their original position and all chairs put up. Students are responsible for putting any litter in the bin.

· Students should leave the school premises in an orderly manner at 5.50pm.

· Mobile phones should be switched off for the duration of study. Headphones are not permitted.

· All other school rules apply at After School Study.

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