Enrollment Draw for 1st Year 2022/23- 10th December, 2021


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

The criteria and its application, as per our Admissions Policy for enrollment into 1st Year 2022/23, was applied this morning and places will be offered and allocated in the coming days. Due to the large number of applications (200 approx.) with only 85 places available the Board of Management decided this week, before the draw, that they would increase the number of places from 85 to 120. This will hopefully increase the school's chances of getting an extension while also accommodating to the needs of the people in our community.

The draw after all criteria was applied to create a waiting list was conducted by the Chairperson of the Board of Management and overseen by a BAM representative. BAM are a private company that are over the facilities management of the school.

Parents will be notified if they have been successful of getting a place early next week. Those on the waiting list will be notified also with the number they are on the waiting list.

Best of Luck,

John Cleary.

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