Admissions for 1st Year 2021/22/ Open Night


Dear Parents/ Guardians,

I will soon be posting an official 'Admissions Notice of Intention' shortly which is a mandatory public statement from the Board of management outlining its' plan for Admissions 2021/22 i.e. the Dates for enrollment and Numbers being accepted for next year. I am informing people now so that they may be ready to apply and not miss the dates etc. as demand will be very high and unfortunately there will not be enough places again this year. (We are still appealing to the Department of Education for more space).

Application forms are not valid until the 5th October as this date is the official date for beginning the Admissions Process for 2021/22. Application forms will be accepted until the 26th October (You may still put in your application form before the 1st October but you will not have any greater advantage by having it in before this date). Late Applications after the 21st October may not be considered.

Our New Admissions Policy will be posted on this website in the next week or so.

We are currently looking at ways of giving parents and students the opportunity of viewing the school- small group tours etc. Watch this space,

Parents who currently have children in the school should not presume that their children will automatically get a place. All procedures and dates have to be followed as demand is great.


John Cleary,


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All the details and dates you need to enroll into 1st Year 2021. Remember you must get an Application Form in between the 5th October and the 23rd October (3 weeks) Best to get it in now as 190 applied for 120 places last year!
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