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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2019

Friendship/ Anti- Bullying

All students in Merlin College will be getting a talk next week 23rd September for friendship/anti-bullying week with Helena Murphy. Helena Murphy is a Doctoral Researcher with the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, DCU. We are really looking forward to her talk.

Former 6th Years Return to talk to 1st Years on how they got the points for College

In the next few weeks we will be inviting our recent Leaving Cert Graduates to talk with 1st Years and 5th Years about how they managed to be successful at their Leaving Cert. How did they study, eat, sleep to achieve their points and their goals? What is the secret to their success and what do they recommend students should be doing now, no matter what year to gear up for success.

We look forward to seeing them again and sharing in their success!


110 Places Only

Open Night for incoming 1st Years 2020/21 will take place on Monday 30th September between 7- 9 pm. Due to the demand for places it is advisable that you have your application form completed on the night.

NOTE: The Official enrollment process begins on Open Night. Applications in before this date have no advantage over the others. However, Applications received after Open Night may not be offered a place as more applications than places will definately occur on the night.

We will then apply our Admissions Policy Criteria to determine who gets a place or not. (Please read on our website)

Best of Luck! We look forward to seeing you.

Please Note we have brought the number down from 120 to 110 this year as we are still awaiting a decision by the Department of Education to extend our building. At the moment we are totally full especially as we took in approx.140 this year into 1st Year in anticipation of a new extension. That unfortunately cannot happen again as we simply do not have the space to accommodate all of those numbers of children.

Until we get the new extension the number will remain at 110. To avoid disappointment please ensure you are at Open Night to be in with a chance.