Board Games Club

A lunchBoard Games Club was set up in Coláiste Mhuirlinne/ Merlin College in September 2014.

Some students love to get out to the school yard as quickly as possible at lunchtime, enjoying some fresh air and a kick-around with fellow students.

Others prefer to have a quiet place indoors where they can have a game of chess or draughts away from the bustle of the yard. Board games club is the perfect place to meet new friends, learn some new tips and share your game strategies. All years are welcome, so it’s a great way to get to know other students you might not normally meet.

If you’re a serious chess or draughts player you’re especially welcome: a single game may be played over a few weeks by taking a screen shot, and taking up where you left off the previous week. Or, if these are games you’d like to learn how to play, there’s always someone willing to teach them, so come along.

Our collection of board games includes: chess, draughts, scrabble, connect 4, snakes and ladders, boggle, playing gards, jenga, maths games, Xs and Os, rubex cubes, 3D puzzles.

Students are free to suggest new games or bring their own.

Board Game Club Times

Tuesday 1:10-1:40pm lunchtime