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Spar Roscam Generous Hurling Sponsorship

Merlin College would like to thank Tom Meehan from Spar Roscam for his generous sponsorship of a set of new Canning hurls for the Merlin College hurling team. Thanks to Tom for coming into the school to present some of the team with the new hurls. We are now looking forward to our next match in the next few weeks.


Sister Act Musical 24th/ 25th January

musical signage


Happy Christmas Doughiska!

Happy Christmas from Merlin College


Merlin College Staff Christmas Lip sync in aid of Galway Simon Community


Merlin Wizards Logo

Merlin Wizards Logo

Our New School logo as agreed by Student Council and staff.  We hope you like it.  The logo will be put on all sports teams jerseys to hopefully unite them further and to know that it will be a privilege in years to come to tell your friends you played for the Merlin Wizards!


Consultation Re: New school extension application.

1st Year 2019/20: Consultation with Board of Management, GRETB and the Department of Education to look for the sanctioning of a new school extension.

I am delighted to announce that parents and guardians were sent the last offers for 1st Year places yesterday meaning that all places will be filled. Therefore, 120 students will have been offered and accepted their place for 2019/20. Unfortunately, between now and the Summer based on previous years applications (usually late) about 40-50 students approx. will not receive a place. We wish all of those students the best wherever they go.

However, due to an unprecedented surge in popularity and the school being at full capacity in 2019/20 with 650 students approx. big decisions will have to be made as we want to always ensure the building is a warm and comfortable environment for all learners and not overwhelmed and packed.

Therefore, decisions will have to be made shortly regarding the schools numbers and overall vision keeping in mind the buildings capacity to accommodate students. It is likely that in future years if it is not decided or permitted to get a building extension the Board may have to curtail and possibly even reduce numbers so that a perfect environment for learning is not compromised.

If it is approved by GRETB and decided by the Department of Education to extend the building, when they look at our enrollment figures and the ever increasing demand from parents to send their children to Merlin College and the dramatically increasing demographics from CSO figures, the school should be able to accommodate between 850-1000 students. This would mean we would be able to meet most of the demand of parents and could take roughly 170 students per year. (A figure we could take now if we had the space and that is even before the surge in population increases as is predicted in CSO figures from next year on wards).

A new extension may or may not happen. I send this only to reassure you that the BOM and GRETB and school management understand the apprehension and fears parents have in wishing to enroll their child and getting a place into a 2nd level school, especially when demand grows at an unprecedented level, and will do everything to provide an appropriate and excellent education to the children in the locality.

School Management would especially like to thank all of the parents and guardians that have sent their child(ren) to Merlin College and for believing in us. Your belief has now lead us to this ‘good’ problem of over- subscription but hopefully with time most children who apply will get a chance to share in the experience of being a Merlin Student.

John Cleary.


Merlin ‘The Wizards’

Merlin ‘The Wizards’.
After consultation with the Student Council and staff it was decided that ‘Merlin The Wizard’ would be our school mascot. Merlin will mainly be our mascot for sports and a logo will be put on all of our sports gear. At the moment we are having a competition to design the logo of Merlin The Wizard and would ask that you encourage your child to enter. ‘The Wizards’ can be written into it also.
The Wizards ultimate ambition is to take over Galway, Ireland and the World!
Closing Date Monday 5th November.


Transfer Students 2019/20: Important Notice

Important Notice re: 2nd, TY and 5th Year Transfers from other schools for 2019/20. (3rd and 6th may be considered on an individual basis)

As you may know we allowed a number of students to Transfer from other schools in September after we advertised a few vacancies that had become available due mainly to emigration. However, some parents contacted us to say that if they had known earlier (they had now bought new books/ uniforms etc. for the school their child was currently in) they would have looked to transfer to Merlin College.

Naturally we do not know if places will become available in any given year for 2nd Year, TY or 5th Year. However, what I intend to do this year is interview students now who wish to Transfer to Merlin College for 2019/20 and put them on a waiting list. If places do become available in these year groups (and there is usually some places due to migration/ emigration mainly) we will then be able to let you know before the summer hopefully so as to prevent you from buying new books/ uniforms etc. for your current school.

Therefore, if you do hope to Transfer your child to Merlin College for next year please apply now. Naturally, a first come first, first serve policy will apply.

Please note that TY is mandatory in Merlin College. I know that some people, especially from other countries have reservations about TY or do not really understand it or why Merlin College think it is so important. If you want to talk to me or our new TY Coordinator at any time about Transition Year we will be glad to discuss it.
The simple reason is if you look at the statistics of those students that do TY from those who don’t you will see they do much better- getting higher points in their Leaving Cert and not dropping out of College in 1st Year.

We want to be the best school in Galway and we know mandatory TY is going to help us get there.

Best of luck and again we will let you know after you apply once any vacancy becomes available. In 2019 we as a school are going to be full.

Make sure Merlin College is full with your child in it!

John Cleary,


David Coleman Child Psychologist 7th November

Exciting News! David Coleman Child Psychologist is coming to Merlin College on Wednesday 7th November @7pm. This is an excellent opportunity for parents to hear his ideas on how best we can respond to children. He gives common sense advice and guidance that everyone can understand. Every parent will leave with practical advice. Please attend.

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Transition Year Evening for Current TY Parents

Transition Year Parents Evening for current TY parents next Tuesday 23rd October @ 7pm. Mr. Eoghan O’ Connor is the new Transition Year Coordinator and he looks forward to meeting you all on the night. From 6.30pm tea/coffee will be available.